Love and Its Dynamics๐Ÿ’•

Thought of penning down a blog post since it’s been a while since the last post!.. I just started to feel a sense of Anti incumbency due to the big gap!.. So thought of coming back with a bang post that could stir many emotions rather than something customary for me!

I badly want this Blog post to fall in line for many if not for all and there are few aspects of Life that fits to the Demand!..So after a brief Elucidation, I just made up my mind to share with my beloved readers about my fascination towards Love and its Romantic Drama aftermath! ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Biologically it’s as simple to define Love as an arousal of a series of emotions due to the hyper-secretion of certain hormones combined with Amygdala stimulation from Brain!!..

But it doesn’t get that simple when it comes down to the Psychological faucet!.. So does it get creepy from here?!..

If someone were to ask me when my 1st love was a few years back… I would have said it was during my 8th grade!!.. Someone asks me the same question now.. Probably the answer would be different.. That’s just an Indication of the clarity you have achieved in the due course in trying to distinguish between a more complex and Compelling Adolescense and something that’s Stage 1 to it!๐Ÿ˜‚….

A lot of people tend to change stands in a Relationship๐Ÿ’…which comes with their personal fluctuations due to reasons that may be either accounted or unaccounted for!..and once the equilibrium is affected the entire reaction comes to collapse.. but that’s not how Humans are supposed to react..I believe we are provided with all the strength to accept, Respect and Move On!..

Its just ubiquitous that once broken up.. each of them turn their backs like strangers all together!…If this is what was meant to happen then I am seriously afraid that we have failed to sail through the Tide and Brace the Impact.. and when you don’t

do that Love turns into a demon of Self destruction.. A lot of people draw distinction between Love and Friendship but I feel that its Friendship that sows the seeds ๐ŸŒฐ for Love to blossom… You can cut the tree but the roots will always stay strong, Rooted deep!… When you try to burn the entire tree you eventually end up causing harm to yourself because you have took pain in bringing it up all these years.. So rather than trying to Axe your tree down.. Water the roots rather than the Branches!.. It’s as simple as that!

Brace up!.. Respect and accept decisions.. That’s a Life Skill that will eventually make you stronger and mentally prepared!

After a break up ๐Ÿ’”.. You usually attain a low and might require some time to regain normalcy as Negative feedback mechanisms usually takes its own time to revert to its optimum levels!

You are more prone to fall in Love again during this Phase as you are still emotionally yearning back for it.. This might seem Paradoxical but certain things are understood only by time and age!

You are cautioned to be extremely cautious this time around because you are trying to swim against the tides of Negativity and reach a point of harmony and understanding with your new partner.. Any negative change in stand that occurs now will be difficult to Swallow and might rip you apart.. The scars will stay dark and tough!

But still you cannot get struck in between and waste your tears.. There’s so little time in Life and you are meant to make the most of it.. So again Brace Up, Respect, Accept and Move On!!

There will be times when you will lose your Self Respect, Dignity and much more valued Processions during the process which is not justice to Love Itself..Love is all about being mutual. It isn’t about letting one person beg for and the other being so authoritative… You have to bend down a little so that you value the bonding you have cherished before!

As you grow up you tend to attain a point in Life where you admire Love in everything… You will attain a sense of Peace with yourself after being through soo much of Romantic fluctuations!…

A lot of people might be critical of Love.. Some might be soo Aggressive.. That might be due to their inability to understand or recognize Life!.But Love is something that brings a breeze of calmness within you and there’s no point in denying it.

There’s Love between father and Son,

There’s Love between siblings,

There’s Love between Mom and Dad,

There’s Love between Friends,

There’s Love between a student and pedagogue,

There’s Love between colleagues,

There’s Love between Enemies!,

There’s Love between India and Pakistan ๐Ÿ’˜,

There’s Love between humans and animals,

There’s Love between plants,

Love is Humanity in its purest form and Love fills the space around you.. So there’s no point in denying a feeling that you are always Attached to!

So if someone now comes and asks me when my 1st Love was… I would probably laugh at them because who could presume something that begins in Womb even before your organs develop and differentiate?! ๐Ÿ’•..Thats Love and its Immortal!

Cherish Love;Relish Life๐Ÿ˜Š



Divisive and Extremist India!๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

The sense of pride that blossoms in the heart of every Indian is simply remarkable and stupendous.This is largely attributed to the path our Nation has covered over the past.. starting from being the Leading economy in the world to attaining Independence through Non-Violence!..We have been a trend setter on global stage in various aspects..Our tolerance and Integrity is another such example!

These are just few things that makes me feel proud of my Nation..there are more reasons anyway but i don’t think that would lead to the context of my attempt here!

I have always felt a great attachment with this Land ever since my childhood. Infact the first conventional figure that I ever drew in Life was the Indian Flag!

So I feel that the pride we have within us, as Indians can be regarded to a number of reasons but on close observance most of the reasons you could trace might come from the glimpses of history, from our Past!

But for our next generation to feel the same, it’s important we provide them with a strong History like what our ancestors have provided us! Or to the least, cherish our past rather than creating a ruckus over it!..

Certain morals of our Institution that has come from History has travelled with time to be present and should travel further to be the Future too!..

Yes, I am pointing out at the pillars that holds and maintains our national Harmony and Tranquility- DEMOCRACY and SECULARISM.

Today both these pillars don’t just maintain National Calm but are integral to Global Tranquility too!..So something that has evolved and nurtured here has made a huge Impact worldwide! But do we still preserve them?!..

We have a real bad habit of celebrating our past too much that we fail to preserve them for our future!

And now that we have immensely celebrated our Democracy and Secularity we are losing them for the future..I won’t be surprised if our Kids or Grandchildren question India’s Democratic setup and Secularity!

If our Democracy is under threat with politicians almost controlling the top functionaries of our Country-The Supreme Court, Income Tax Department, Governors, Journalists, and in certain cases the Chief Ministers too!

Then our Secularity looks endangered too! The rapid decline of the sense of Secularism than Democracy is because of Zero Resistance from the public!

I say Zero Resistance because I have personally experienced and felt that a large section of our society including the literate individuals have fallen prey to the Divisive politics played over the years!

If Britain carried out Divisive politics by separating Hindus and Muslims, then our current political setup plays the same with Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras! which has now boiled down to Lingayat, Reddy, Kongu, Mudaliyar, Kasabi, Ghadabi and so on…This shall continue untill we don’t realize that we are just another Biological Species trying to make our home (Earth) better!..Unless we realize this basic phenomenon.,I don’t think we can preserve Secularism for our future!

There are more than 3000 castes and 25000 sub-castes in India!..and the range of Divisive politics covers every corner of this Layout!

Despite of having Revolutionary Leaders like Ambedkar and Periyar who have fought the castic evils of our Society all thier lives…We still are a nation which is known for it’s Divisive approach!

What makes me feel so anguished is looking at my own friends drowned in castism..and they are quite deeply rooted into it!!…I thought I better have a word with them so that I could at least unearth thier mindset and the philosophy of them following the castic route!

I was surprised when one of them said that it was a sign of showing thier Integrity!..and another person said that he regards Quran more than the Indian Constitution.I then did feel that this will by no way spread peace.I could only see to this as booming Relegious and Castic Extremism!

This eventually made me confirm that Divisive politics has staged a very successful role in it’s agenda to keep people apart so that Voting and the entire electoral process gets easier!

Given the Intensity of castism in our Country.,there needs to be a Herculean shift in the minds of people to preserve Secularism!..and above all to spread Love and Endorse Humanity!

And To all those who regard Bhagavad Gita, Quran or Bible bigger than the Indian Constitution let me remind you that it’s not these holy books that hold us together and provide us with all the Rights we cherish…it’s the Constitution!

This doesn’t mean that I disregard Holy Books.,it’s just that we don’t Endorse them the way we have to!

Boys And Girls, Men and Women

Hindus and Muslims,

Muslims and Christians,

Sikhs and Jains,

Tamils and Kannadigas,

Tribes and Brahmins,

Vellalar and Nadars,

Where’s all this going to lead us?!..Why don’t we learn the lessons from the principles of Nature, Why don’t we humans reflect any sense of Humanity?…Times are changing and our moral values are fading rapidly..The predominance of castism in our society is just another grim reminder of the Low values we follow!..

Not to forget that Modernization is not just about advancing technically, it’s more about fundamental changes, it’s about being aware of what’s correct and what’s wrong!..It’s about being more cautious of our activities!..It’s about being more Humane.

The best we could do to abolish the stains of castism and divisiveness in our society would be to Educate our Kids so that they aren’t aware of thier Relegion or Caste.,and stay healthy as Humans!

Love Everyone!..

Hate Caste!.

Shred Divisiveness!…

Endorse Humanity!

Mind The Boundaries!โ›ณ

Various forms of Sexual harassment aren’t entitled to women alone..they happen to men too!..May be they don’t get the required attention or we don’t speak much about it..Some might be aware of it but could still be visibly reluctant to speak on it! So I have tried my best to Compile my personal experience and provide you with an insight into the topic.

Joining the Mainstream of Higher education wasn’t easy to me.I had to travel with a lot of Mental distress before joining B.Pharm at a College located approximately 200 miles south to my home town!

I could still remember the moment when the admission ticket was handed down to me after the counselling process!! It was truly a mixed feeling…This meant a lot to me and now It was all up to my responsibility to hold on to it and make sure that I successfully transverse through it.

I have always been a child under the constant care of Dad and Mom..To stay away from them was something inevitable now and i have to make up my to it somehow…I was really excited and frightened of this testing venture!

I could still remember Dad and Mom waving off while I kept still, I couldn’t think anything, I just wanted to Cry hard..I found it hard catching up with reality!I kept watching the Car till it faded away inside the midst of some long grown trees!

As Dad and Mom departed I quickly took a deep breath..I thought it wasn’t the right time to be so emotional!I had to make up my mind for this new journey!

We were allowed for four in a room and we just got alongside each other pretty fast! It was almost like there wasn’t any sort of resistance between us!…

But the Harmony and tranquility that prevailed was short-lived.

Guess what might have happened?!..Hold your breath still cause you are going to come across some of the most bizzaire things that could ever happen!

Have you ever seen a staff who is as close to a student..?!…Before you answer let me add another word-PHYSICALLY?…Yes that’s what I mean if you still keep blinking!

I Could still remember those times where I was in no frame of mind to let a staff share Room with us!!…

I wasn’t easy with it.. something made me oppose it..I really didn’t feel comfortable with that…but my roommates were really excited with it..To them it was a great chance so that they could substantiate for thier poor academic records..I couldn’t resist them anymore, since I was the only odd one out..

I wanted to speak about this to the concerned staff but I was really frightened of it!..I strongly felt that it wasn’t ethical for a staff to share a room with fellow students!

But as days went by things were so absurd ..I was just baffled up by everything that took place! I don’t think I can be a witness to all those wierd things happening inside my room!

To elobrate- the person we let inside deveoloped a good understanding with one of the roommates, Harish(name changed). Initially everything looked fine but not when you hug and kiss uncontrollably!..

I know it was neither a diplomat’s hug nor a friendly kiss!.. That’s something out of the box..

These hugs and kisses started to be routine and it was almost turning so ugly!…

There were times when the staff even shed his tears when Harish left for his home..He was a special exemption from the rest! all matters.

It was insane that my roommates found this impeccable!..I really couldn’t Correlate with them…I know I couldn’t argue with them..and even if I had.,there were few hopes they would understand me.

And yes I badly wanted to share my concerns with someone as these incidents deeply disturbed me causing a lot of Mental agony.

Meanwhile as days passed it was only paving way for things to get so intense and even uglier!!

The staff even expressed his thoughts to one of my friends saying that it was better to be in sexual contact with a boy or Transgender rather than with a women!..Adding it was safer too!

Due course all this stuff had a remarkable affect on my mind was always
Pre-occupied with this and of how I am supposed to deal with it..

I find this a matter of concern because anything that happens inside the room will have an impact on all of us, though I have not been a party to it.

I was literally Frustrated and clearly exhausted by the time the issue was bought to the attention of our Vice-Principal!..

Meanwhile I decided to have a word with Harish..I told him that this was going to lead him nowhere but in grave danger to his career if it was ever going to continue!…Such was the Intensity of things that took place that I was at most times badly stunned and baffled!

It isn’t the first time I have spoke to him.Infact I have let him know my concerns on the issue before,but he seemed to be reluctant to hear.

It was really hard to let him know that I will have to do something serious against both of them if the staff doesn’t vacate the room at the earnest and stop this nonsense shit immediately!

And after a long conversation..looks like he’s getting rid of was a huge quarrel that night and the entire hostel could hear it..Finally the result was that the staff was leaving our room with a lot of anguish!..Vacating to his allotted Room.

The next day, things at college was so different that he was just treating us normal just as other students…I was happy that I could return room happier now!

But it was too late to be Happy again!, as the consequences of directing the turn of events took it’s toll on me!!

I was singled out and targeted on all grounds the classroom,Library,Computer lab anywhere he sees me!

I am used to such discriminations before.Fortunately Life hasn’t been easy to me since schooling!

But I wasn’t really capable of dealing it beyond a point!

The bottom line was clear to me:

Just as I thwarted him from continuing his Sexual affair with Harish, he’s now comitted to vent all his anguish and frustrations on me!

Meanwhile he was subsequently exiled from Hostel as the management came to hear about all this fuss!But they were still visibly reluctant to dismiss him.

This only worsened things. I was literally pointed out everyday, only to add up to my Frustrations!

The only thing that helped me stay positive in this battle was the moral support I had from Dad!..

He wasn’t getting bogged down by anything…there was still a lot of Vengeance within him!

And the acts continues even today…as I am in my second year of my College Life!..

What’s different now is that, I have become more Self-Reliant and that’s because of that support I get from everyone around me!

There are certain role boundaries between a staff and a Student which needs to highly respected and preserved and I believe that Teaching is a profession that upholds high Priciples and Values.People involved in the profession must understand that thier Attitudes and Priciples have a substantial influence on the society and hence are expected to be highly cautious with thier Actions unlike the person we see here, who on any grounds is literally Unfit to the profession and to the society!

I hereby would like to conclude with this substantial tagline that Sexual Harassment among people of the same sex is prevalent in many circumstances like the one we have seen now but is less spoken of!

I believe it’s time that we open up and bring this under Light rather than waiting for something sensational to Happen for us to Speak!

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